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We are Aropa

Architects and Engineers


The quality of the achieved results depends on the coordination of all parties involved. From the very first, we corporately develop solutions considering every disciplines. You as the house builder will improve your building results due to our integrative instead of additive planning. Innovative technologies, such as alternative energies can be easily integrated. During the design and planning phase, a permanent communication is therefore always necessary.


What fulfills its function must not have a beautiful appearance at all. Every Part of the human face has got its particular function, but only if all parts are harmonically suitable to each other concerning shape and color, it can be recognized to be perfect and beautiful. It is the same with architecture. Only functional purpose, combined with perfectly proportional shape creates beauty. – Walter Gropius 1955


The innovative realization is based on integrative planning, an accompanied process. Planning is the fundamental step to be made before any other ones. Our objective is to ensure a smooth, harmonic building process, from the architect’s vision until the project is completed and the habitability is provided for you.


Family home Luxembourg

Completion 2016

Completion 2016

Medical center Trier-Ruwer

Completion 2016

Completion 2016



Werner Feltes

19 Bechel L-5403 Bech-Kleinmacher

Phone: +352 26 66 01 21


Responsible for the content:
Aropa S.A.
19 Bechel
L-5403 Bech-Kleinmacher

Phone: +352 26 66 01 21



Registre de Commerce et de Sociétés
Luxembourg, Nr. B 152983

Managing director
Werner Feltes
Dipl. Ing. Architect Urbanist

Director of statics
Joachim Friedrich
Dipl. Ing.

Director of house technology
Thomas Monz
Dipl. Ing.